Revlon Street Chic Super Lustrous Lipsticks Swatches & Review | Midnight Mystery, Naughty Plum, Lilac Mist, & Bare Affair

Revlon Street Chic Lip Swatches Bare Affair, Lilac Mist, Naughty Plum, Midnight Mystery
Bare Affair, Lilac Mist, Naughty Plum, Midnight Mystery

I recently found this collection at my local Walgreen’s! The Revlon Street Chic Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection has 12 lipstick shades, each inspired by a famous city. This collection contains 6 new shades and 6 re-promoted shades which I’ve listed at the bottom of this page. Some displays contain all 12 colors and some have only the new shades.

The packaging is the standard Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick casing. I found the formula to be consistent with other shades in the line as well, a good ol’ fashioned cream lipstick that’s comfortable, pigmented, and wears decently through the day. One of the first lipsticks I ever bought, I’m still a big fan of this formula.

I picked up Bare Affair, Naughty Plum, Midnight Mystery, and Lilac Mist for $8.49 each.


Arm Swatches

Lip Swatches


Midnight Mystery appears to be a nearly black navy with blue shimmer in the tube. Applied on the lips it looks black or purple-black with no visible shimmer. It required a lot of building and as a result looked somewhat streaky. If you’re looking for a navy lipstick, this will be disappointing.


Naughty Plum is a muted Tuscan red. This is very flattering applied sheer or intensely.


Lilac Mist is a greyed lilac with subtle silver shimmer. It’s opaque and applies well.


Bare Affair is a soft peach ochre nude with good pigmentation. This shade is very complementary on my fair complexion.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are pretty cheap, coming in at $1.97/gram, which is comparable to e.l.f. and NYX prices for reference. Stores near me sell them for $8.49 though I know in other regions they’re still going for $4.99, I’ve included both price points in my spreadsheet. Occasionally you can find a coupon or sale on these and that really makes them a steal.


Bottom Line

Overall, I’d recommend Bare Affair, Lilac Mist, and Naughty Plum. Of these three, Lilac Mist is the only fairly unique shade. If you already have something similar to Bare Affair or Naughty Plum, I don’t think they’re must-haves though they are still very pretty.

Midnight Mystery fails to perform as a navy lipstick and as a black lipstick, the pigmentation is mediocre. For an actual navy lipstick I’d recommend Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo. For black lipstick, I highly recommend ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in Bull Chic, it’s very pigmented, long-wearing, and comfortable.



  • Bombshell Red (Mexico City)
  • Lilac Mist (Hong Kong)
  • Midnight Mystery (London)
  • Naughty Plum (Montreal)
  • Gold Goddess (Milan)
  • Bare Affair (Seoul)


  • Pink Velvet (Tokyo)
  • Mink (Johannesburg)
  • Va Va Violet (New York)
  • Love That Red (Paris)
  • Wild Orchid (Buenos Aires)
  • Primrose (Sydney)


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