23 Little Facts About Me

Before I start getting into the real stuff, I figured I should make a casual little post in case anyone wanted to know more about me as a person!

  1. I’m a sexual health educator at my university and I love facilitating workshops!
  2. For me, charades mixed with Taboo is the ultimate competitive sport.
  3. I have a very distinctive mole on my left big toe. In my mind it’s what Marilyn Monroe would look like if she was a toe.
  4. I have a dog, Theodore! He’s some sort of Staffordshire Terrier-mix and he is the most precious angel (barring the 3 shoes of mine he’s destroyed).
  5. I also have a nephew, a 2 year old pitbull-lab, Oochi. I don’t understand him at all but he is adorable.
  6. I collect mugs! The more unique and hippie-dippy the better.
  7. One time during Two Truths and a Lie my dumb ass just said three truths. Got ’em.
  8. I love true crime. My go to podcasts to listen to while I do my makeup discuss serial killers, cults, and anything macabre.
  9. I have strong tooth enamel which I occasionally use as an excuse to not brush my teeth when I’m already in bed. I’m working on it.
  10. I’m a semi-talented artist! I’ve won regional awards and sold pieces in a local store.
  11. I play 4 video games religiously: Spelunky, XCOM, Hearthstone, and The Binding of Isaac.
  12. Chartreuse is my favorite color!
  13. Coraline was my favorite movies as a child. Tying into #12, Coraline is where I first learned the word chartreuse.
  14. I hope to have hairless cats! I know everyone thinks they’re disgusting rat-cats. I like to think of them as walking scrotums.
  15. I don’t like cheese and I am not lactose intolerant.
  16. My home garden is filled with all sorts of crazy colored and weird varieties of carrots, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and greens.
  17. I have no allergies, watch out world.
  18. My favorite number is 23. Hence, 23 quick facts. I have no idea where it comes from but I think it’s a cute number.
  19. I drink about 40 oz. of coffee a day. It’s legitimately starting to be a problem…
  20. Grocery shopping is exceedingly fun for me.
  21. My scent goal is to smell like a forest nymph. I wear a lot of hay and fir tree perfumes.
  22. I’m studying to be a veterinarian currently. I’m majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology with minors in Animal Sciences and Anthropology!
  23. I really hate worms, which I call berms. I’m grateful for all the work they do for the earth but their blind writhing disgusts me to my core.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and come back soon for makeup and more!

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